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From the 1st-3rd September 2017, we are holding our annual TØ WEEKEND for young people aged 13-18. TØ WEEKEND 2017 will be held at The University of Nottingham in the beautiful Nightingale Hall and will cost £90. This year’s theme is “PURPOSE”. I believe that you are alive for a purpose and that over TØ WEEKEND you will be encouraged and inspired to live a life of purpose, for purpose, on purpose!

There will be morning and evening sessions that are like a TØ Friday night- with performances, worship, and a talk from a phenomenal guest speaker. There will be wide games and plenty of free time for socialising as well as optional activities including football, basketball, boating, indoor cinema and walks.

You don’t have to be a Christian to attend, TØ WEEKEND is for anybody regardless of whether they have a faith or not. There are always people who come that aren't Christians. However, there is a significant amount of Christian input (worship and talks) but just like a normal TØ Friday night, everyone is welcome and will have serious amounts of fun!

Please don't worry if you don’t know anyone who is coming – it’s impossible not to make friends at a TØ WEEKEND. There is so much time spent together in different activities that you are guaranteed to get to know lots of people. And why not get some of your existing friends from school/college to book in for TØ WEEKEND 2017 too!

Get ready for one of the best weekends you will ever experience. It is a huge highlight in the year and we can’t wait to have an incredible time with you!

Much Love,

Thando Zulu
Youth Pastor


Why does it cost £90?
This is the cost of 3 days accommodation with all meals included and use of The University of Nottingham facilities. This also covers the cost of all the activities and equipment we will be using over the weekend. Takeover do not make any money from this; in fact, we subsidise the cost out of church funds and people’s generosity. Our volunteer leaders pay for their own places.

What if I can't afford £90?
Please talk to us as soon as possible and we can discuss payment plans and potential subsidies. Contact us at THANDO@HEARTCHURCH.CO.UK or speak to your crew leader who will pass on your details to Thando.

What if I struggle staying away from home?
We totally understand that some people are not used to staying away from home. If you do feel that you might need some extra support while you are away, please have a word with one of our leaders - we will do everything we can to make TØ WEEKEND as comfortable as possible for you. There will be adult leaders on hand 24/7 to support all our delegates throughout the weekend.

Who will be responsible for my safety?
All our youth leaders are DBS checked. Health and safety is a priority to us and we have the relevant risk assessments in place and have qualified first aiders available throughout the weekend. The University of Nottingham itself has had very successful youth events for a number of years and are committed to the safety and comfort of both our delegates and youth leaders.

What is expected of me when I come?
More than anything, we want you to have a great time! For everyone's benefit, we do have basic ground rules, which include:
• Absolutely no drugs (unless prescribed) or alcoholic beverages are permitted on site at any time - if you are found with these you will be sent home.
• We ask that you attend all the main meetings and take part in the additional activities of your choice.
• No boys in girls’ dormitories or vice-versa at any time.
• You must adhere to the health and safety guidelines given to you in the briefing at the start of the weekend.
• We expect you to treat all leaders and other young people with respect.

We really want every young person that comes to TØ to be at the TØ WEEKEND, we KNOW you will have a wonderful time! If you have any questions or concerns not addressed here, please get in touch with one of the Takeover team on 0115 9474038 and we would love to help. We look forward to seeing you at TØ WEEKEND 2017!

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